As it’s anti-bullying week I thought I would share my thoughts on why I feel so passionately about protecting children from online bullying.
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It is personal

Bullying is personal. It hurts more than any other type of abuse, because it comes from people you know. It affects your self-confidence because bullying often focuses on how you look, your weaknesses or a choice you made.

Human’s crave interaction, acceptance, approval and friendship. Bullying makes you feel alone and the loneliness eats you from within.

Bullying affects the bully too. The negative energy they carry is visible to others, they suffer inside and usually bully to cover up their own insecurities.

I haven’t said anything new here but I felt these things need reminding.


One leads to another

A kind word, an act of kindness or a simple smile can lighten up someone’s day and the days add up until the other person forgets the negativity he/she experienced.

So let’s pick a kind word a day and use it with the people you meet at work, school, at a shop or online.

Those words will make someone smile and make you smile in return, the more you smile the happier you will feel.

At the end of the day you’ll be smiling inside and will go to bed fulfilled.

Thank you for reading.
Shemal Rajapakse



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