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Recent headlines have highlighted tragic stories of sports academies and clubs being used as breeding grounds for grooming, sexual abuse and bullying of children. Football, gymnastics and athletics clubs across the country are still coming to terms with the horrific implications; often struggling to find effective solutions to ensure such maltreatment never happens again.

Beyond your safeguarding and e-safety policy, promotion of inclusion and regular staff training, what more can your team do to protect children on and offline?

Sports Academies protecting children online

Sports Academies in the CAP Community effectively protect children and young people in their care and safeguard their adult supervisors.

How does CAP Certified work?

How does CAP Certified work?

CAP securely taps into your club’s information system and uses the data to verify a parent or carer’s request to authenticate their child attending your academy. At no stage does CAP compromise your GDPR requirements or request information beyond the agreed parameters. Everything happens automatically without any member of your team being involved. There’s no additional drain on your staff or IT resources.

What’s the benefit for my club?

What’s the benefit for my club?

Beyond providing evidence of a strong commitment to safeguarding and having a positive effect on the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the young players, in return for access to the data, CAP offers remuneration from parent premium subscriptions. In short, becoming part of the CAP Community provides additional funding.

Sports Academies receive 66p per premium subscription every month. There is a £10 per month admin fee but it is only charged when the credit is over £20.

What additional support is provided?

What additional support is provided?

Being a part of the CAP Community, you will receive a parent and carer information pack to engage carers and young people in important online safety discussions. Plus you have access to online webinars and training plans for your staff or team members. We work in partnership with the Breck Foundation to ensure these resources are relevant, engaging and full of powerful content.

How can my Academy get involved?

How can my Academy get involved?

Simply complete the enquiry form and a member of the CAP Certified team will be in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Protecting children online is a team effort. Together we can save lives.

Get informed. Read the latest safeguarding data and articles here.

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