Demonstrate to Ofsted and parents how you are continuously, and consistently, ensuring the safety of your children whilst they are online – whether at school or at home.
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More than the safeguarding paper trail

How do you demonstrate to Ofsted and parents you are continuously, and consistently, ensuring the safety of your children whilst they are online – whether at school or at home?

Yes, there will always be a safeguarding paper trail: agreed and signed policies, safeguarding CRM systems such as CPOMS safely documenting incidents, governor safeguarding audits and so on … but how do you actually prove you’re keeping children safe online – at school and home?

The real truth

As heads, teachers, parents or governors – the reality is, you can’t begin to know if the children in your care are always safe online. You can educate your children about online risks and they themselves can be extremely sensible when using the internet. But one in four children have reported being bullied online, 55% of 12-15 year olds have suffered a negative online experience, the National Crime Agency state there are 80,000 paedophiles targeting children in the UK, and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse found 300,000 UK adults pose a sexual threat to children online and 450+ paedophiles are arrested every month.

Sobering statistics – and worse, these are only the cases the agencies know about, not the many, many unknown online threats which constantly occur.

The solution

CAP is an app — free to schools — which safely ringfences children online, prevents online predators violating their private space and allows kids to safely access the internet and enjoy interacting with friends, without fear of online grooming, predators and cyber bullying.

How CAP Certified’s app works

Parents or carers simply download the CAP app from the App Store or Play Store, sign up and create an account in CAP, add their child and child’s school. The CAP system automatically contacts the school or academy and authenticates that the child is actually a child. They are then CAP protected. The child’s gaming and social media accounts are then added, and parents can set different levels of protection. For example, in Twitter parents can see who their child is following, who’s following their child, manually override and choose who their child can and cannot follow and be followed by. Anyone with a yellow tick shows they are also CAP certified.

CAP can:

  • Authenticate children with the support of schools and academies
  • Remove the possibility of children engaging with online predators
  • Enable parents to have a say in their children’s online safety
  • Protect any digital account i.e. social media, gaming, chat, browser
  • Protect children’s accounts and does not need to be installed on children’s devices
  • Ensure personal identifiable information is not shared with third parties
  • Protect children’s privacy, even from their parents

CAP helps schools by:

  • Being an extension to safeguarding and e-safety policies
  • Providing evidence of the school’s safeguarding commitment
  • Meeting latest Ofsted guidance
  • Providing peace of mind to parents
  • Protecting children and their image, in line with PSHE education

To discover more of how CAP’s powerful protection capabilities help schools demonstrate their commitments to safeguarding, join our free 60 minute webinar.

Our 1-hour webinar is designed for DSLs, teachers, heads and safeguarding governors; we will explain how your school can use CAP Certified’s world-first safeguarding app to prove to parents and Ofsted your commitment to protecting children online, even when out of school.

If you think you and your school could further protect your children from online abuse, this is your opportunity to discover how you can make that difference.

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CAP Certified is a world-first, tangible option for parents and schools to keep children actually safe whilst they’re online.

In just 60 minutes, discover how you can truly keep your children safe.



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