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Protecting children online.

Knowing who a child is talking to online can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to invade their privacy.

How CAP works to help keep children safe online

Did you know?

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Around one in five children aged 10 to 15 years in England and Wales (19%) experienced at least one type of online bullying behavior in the year ending March 2020, equivalent to 764,000 children. (Source: ONS)

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One in four (26%) did not report their experiences to anyone. (Source: ONS)

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10,391 sexual offences against children involving an online element; including grooming, sexual assault, and rape crimes were recorded by all police forces across the UK for 2019/20. (Source: NSPCC)

You have the power to stop children becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Download CAP and make technology work for you. CAP authenticates whether a child is actually a child. Take control of their online presence without over-stepping boundaries.

Get informed. Read the latest safeguarding statistics.


Authenticates children with the support of schools.


Removes the possibility of children engaging with online predators.


Enables you to have a greater say in your child’s online safety.


Protects accounts; doesn't need to be installed on child’s devices.


Children’s privacy is protected.


Personally identifiable information is not shared with third-parties.

Be part of the CAP Community and sign up to receive CAP for free when the app launches in October 2021.

CAP will be free to download, providing not just child authentication but support and guidance for parents and carers looking to protect the children in their care.

Subscribe to the Premium Service for just £3.99* per family per month to view who your child is following and interacting with on specific digital platforms. Premium also enables parents and carers to manually verify a person or brand to interact with your child.

Anyone taking part in the app trial will receive a year’s free premium subscription to CAP, along with the opportunity to influence the effectiveness of this ground-breaking technology.

*66p of your subscription will be paid to the authenticating school and 3p will be donated to charity.


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