We are excited to announce CAP’s new marketing team who are on a mission to #protectchildrenonline and eliminate grooming, abuse and bullying on digital platforms.
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CAP’s Marketing Team wants to change the online safety landscape; collectively bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience they are perfectly placed right at the heart of this mission as they work together to help promote and create a safer environment for children online.

LIZ WILKINS Chief Marketing Officer

Liz Wilkins is an award winning B2B & B2C senior marketing professional with over 20-years sales and marketing experience in the fast moving and competitive technology industry.

During her 10-year career at Adobe Liz grew the UK digital media business into the 4th largest individual country globally for recurring revenue sales. She did this by optimising the marketing funnel across all customer segments (Enterprise, SMB, Consumer) and verticals (Corporate, Public Sector & Education) and delivering award-winning creative marketing campaigns.

Passionate about the next generation Liz ideated, created and delivered a free Massive Open Online Course aka MOOC, Adobe Generation, for 13-19 year-olds resulting in over 10,000 students learning Adobe technology to turn their creative ideas into reality.

Liz believes that everyone is creative and that there’s a generation of entrepreneurs who’ve had to re-connect with their creativity due to failings in the education system. With “marketing innovation” in her DNA, Liz created her marketing consultancy in 2017 to support small businesses and online entrepreneurs to bring their creative ideas to life through experiential marketing campaigns.

When she’s not delivering the next big idea for her clients you can find Liz volunteering with the Salvation Army working with disadvantaged young people.

CATHERINE BOWYER Social Media Manager and Marketing Consultant

Overseeing the social media content for CAP Certified is Sasa Marketing.

Sasa Marketing is the culmination of years of experience in marketing and is designed to support small or medium sized enterprises who feel they are not large enough to justify the expense of a marketing team but are too large to place the demands of marketing on another individual’s workload.

Led by Catherine Bowyer. With over 25 years of Marketing Management experience, Catherine has the extensive knowledge and skills required to support CAP’s social media activity.

A background in a range of industries, including charity retailing with The Salvation Army, financial services with Wesleyan Assurance Society, destination marketing with East of England Tourism and, most recently, with Galloway Coach Travel, coupled with experience in businesses both large and small, Catherine is ideally placed to support the team and to raise the issues most at the heart of CAP’s online solution.

FREYA ROGERS Digital Marketing Assistant

Freya is the youngest member of the Marketing Team. As well as having a passion for human rights and making the world a better place, she has volunteer experience in supporting children, adolescents and adults with disabilities and acquired head injuries; helping them to enhance their confidence and develop social skills.

Her motivation to help make the world a better place stems from living with her own disabilities. Freya has severe vision loss and lives with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. She recognises the importance of safety not only online but also within day-to-day life. She aspires to be a role model for others, proving that you can succeed in whatever way you wish too, no matter what “obstacles” are thrown in your way. She believes we should all be able to be ourselves, freely and without judgement.

Freya has a CTEC in Performing Arts, as well as A-levels in both Law and Philosophy. With a passion for learning about crime and the legal system, she is planning on studying criminology at degree-level.

BRIAN BUSH Marketing and Business Development

Brian is a sales/business development and relationship specialist having worked in a number of areas across the private and public sectors. From involvement in growing business (small to large) to creating and growing his own ventures Brian has a real passion for business. He has been directly involved in organisational support through insurance, UK Gov, digital & technology, cyber, physical & asset protection, learning & development, education, healthcare/health & wellbeing and child protection.

Driven by purpose and able to motivate and inspire others Brian can bring connection to a team or business to ensure a positive culture can exist to enhance efficiency and therefore profit. A very well networked individual Brian always brings his extensive connections to all projects and businesses that he works with and uses strategic partnerships to drive forward opportunity.


Shemal is a tech entrepreneur on a mission to find solutions for day-to-day problems using technology. He believes that technology should not be applied for the sake of using technology, this is a principle practiced in his other venture: Stack Technologies Ltd, specialising in digital transformation, which also has a sister company in Sri Lanka.

Shemal has over 10 years of software solution design, account, and project management experience.

The idea for CAP came to him when his son, then aged just 5, asked if he could play online with his friends. Shemal’s research into how suitable those games for a 5-year-old were and the dangers that may be lurking in those multiplayer games led him to research the market for a solution to keep his son safe from groomers, predators, scammers and bullies. When Shemal found that there were few adequate solutions available except some parental controls blocking inappropriate content, age-gating, apps to manage screen time and track devices, he saw a gap in the market.

He promised his son that he would make gaming and online platforms safer for kids and made it his mission to create a digital world where children are as safe online at home as they are in school.


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