How CAP Works

CAP is a community-led app using technology to authenticate and protect children online.

CAP makes sure that children don’t cross paths with groomers, predators, trolls or bullies hiding behind fake accounts.


Download the app


Verify your details


Request your child to be authenticated

Verify your CAP authenticated child’s gaming and social media accounts

Set safety preferences

Allow adults who you know and have a safe relationship with your child to interact with your child

Be confident in the knowledge that your child plays and interacts with anyone ‘certified’


Have a conversation with your child about their online experience at least once a week


How CAP works in a nutshell:

  • Authenticates children with the support of schools
  • Removes the possibility of children engaging with online predators
  • Enables parents to have a greater say in their children’s online safety
  • CAP works on all types of digital platforms including social media, chat and gaming
  • CAP does not need to be installed on your child’s devices
  • Protects your child’s digital accounts whether they’re on a mobile, tablet, smartwatch, and computer
  • Protects wherever and whenever your child plays online
  • CAP lets children play without showing the parent or carer their content
  • CAP doesn’t hold or share children’s personally identifiable information with third-parties

Watch this demo to find out more.


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