Wouldn’t it be powerful if you could tell a child from an adult on your platform?

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how can Digital Platforms protect children

CAP creates walled gardens for authenticated children.


Young people won’t need to lie about their age on your platform.


You will comply with legislation and abide by the mandatory ‘duty of care’ to protect children.


Crucially, you could provide evidence to parents and media outlets who question your suitability.


You will be able to automatically enable parental controls, age-appropriate privacy settings and content filters.

Financially the benefits include:

targeted advertising.

Deliver targeted advertising with parental consent.

THE SAME environment.

No need to create a separate environment or platform for children.

BROADER user base.

Increase your user base by lowering the age limit.

The CAP Community

In their words’

“We see the perceived value that CAP can add to the online protection parents are able to provide their children and that aligns with our own online safety policies.”
Housemaster Chapmans
“When we first heard about CAP authentication we thought it was an excellent concept which many parents have been crying out for. It seeks to support our work in online safety and safeguarding children.”
Deputy Head (Pupil development & welfare) Designated Safeguarding Lead
“The set up was quick straightforward. CAP requires minimal data which is synced directly with the Management Information System without the need to install any CAP specific software.”
Director of IT

How can my Digital Platforms work with CAP and get involved?

Fill out the enquiry form and a member of the CAP Certified team will be in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Protecting children online is a team effort. Together we can save lives.

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