CAP is an app designed to help you play safely online.

keeping children safe online

We want you to play and chat to your friends.

Sharing images between children safely

Most of the adults you meet only want the best for you and your friends and want you to play safely online. Very occasionally, an adult may want to harm you or may ask you to do something you don’t want to do (something more serious than tidying your room!).

CAP lets you connect, play and chat with your friends, without anyone you don’t know making you feel scared or unsafe. CAP makes sure you only play with friends you know from your school or club or who your parent or carer considers safe for you to know online.

Don’t worry, we made sure the app doesn’t let the adults see what you’re saying to your friends and they can’t see what you’re playing or how high your highest score is! It’s just a great way for you to know the people you meet online are really your friends.

How does CAP keep you safe?

The app asks your school to prove you are one of their students. It also asks your friends’ schools the same. Once the app knows you’re all kids, it lets you play.

Whoever sets the app up for you can also add any adults they know you want to interact with, like older brothers or sisters, aunts and uncles or grandparents. You can also ask to add other people you like, and they can be checked, just like you.

Here’s the best bit…

You can ask for your favourite YouTube channels, TikTok account and Xbox or PlayStation accounts to be included, so wherever you play, you’re protected.

Picture of young girl using a laptop computer_safeguarding CAP certified

What should I do if someone is making me feel unsafe?

It can be a bit scary sometimes when you’re talking or playing with people you don’t know. Follow these three golden rules  if you’re feeling unsafe:

talk to someone.

Always, whatever the situation, talk to someone who loves you about how you feel.

Don’t be scared to tell.

Don’t let anyone make you feel scared to tell. It’s much better to ask for help.

Remember, your online friends are not the same as your real friends.

Look after your real friends, if you’re worried they may be in trouble, talk to someone who you think can help.


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