The internet is constantly evolving with each new trend bringing a new threat into children’s digital lives – it can be difficult to stay up to date with the latest e-safety advice, especially if you’re already stretched creating lesson plans or homeschooling.
teach children online safety

But kids manage to stay up to date with the platforms and trends – so why not help enable them to teach themselves about the latest e-safety tips alongside the trends? Not only can this help them understand how to stay safe, it will also allow them to understand why they need to stay safe online.

Here are our top picks for games & resources you can share with kids to teach them about online safety:

Games to teach kids about online safety

Videos to teach kids about online safety

Blogs & books to teach children about online safety

Educating kids about e-safety is one of the best ways parents, carers and teachers can protect them from predators and scammers online. CAP Certified aims to provide an extra level of security by stopping predators and scammers from being able to reach children in the first place – creating a space online as safe as a school playground or walled garden.

Our child authentication and protection platform uses data from local authorities to verify each child as a real person – if a predator tries to create a fake profile, they won’t be verified and won’t be able to talk to the real child.

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