CAP is the ultimate online child safety protection.

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Safeguarding, safeguarding.

It’s time we get real. Let’s face it – we don’t know who our children are really playing with online, and neither do they.

The best we do at the moment is apply common sense and hope.

That’s not good enough.

Repeatedly cyberbullying, digital grooming, abuse, and scamming happens. Fact.

Until now.

Children have a right to play safely with other children. Protect the child not the device.

Authenticate your child with the support of their school. Certify your child’s social media and gaming accounts. Your child will only play and interact with other authenticated children and users verified by you. Your child is ringfenced on all the digital platforms you certify – keeping predators and scammers out, permanently.

Any digital platform using CAP can ensure parental and child consent, legislation compliance and a child-friendly environment.

Safeguarding just got a whole lot safer.

For Parents ​

Let’s get your children playing safely.​

For Teachers ​

Protect children in and out of school.

For Sports Academies

Help meet safeguarding criteria.

For Digital Platforms ​

Stop children being exposed. ​

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kids need to take online safety seriously


Anyone can register an account online across all of social media and gaming and not even have to prove who they are.
Why do we allow predators, groomers, bullies, scammers to roam freely online shielded by the protection of anonymity?

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Launching in January 2022, CAP is a community-led online safety app designed to authenticate children. Calling all parents and carers, install the app and receive a year’s free premium subscription.


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