CAP is a community-led technology platform that authenticates and protects children online.

CAP Certified’s Child Authentication & Protection platform uses data from trusted data sources to verify the identity of each child and create a safe space where children can only talk to other verified children and users across social media and gaming platforms, making sure children do not cross paths with groomers and predators.

Authenticate Children’s Digital User Accounts

Put Parents at the Heart of their Children’s Online Safety

Remove Stranger Danger on Mobile & Digital Platforms

  • CAP does not need to be installed on child’s devices

  • Protects children’s digital accounts. so the CAP protection is device and network independent

  • We do not share personally identifiable information with third parties

  • CAP can protect any digital account including social media, chat, and gaming

  • Not only that, CAP can protect children’s mobiles, tablets, smart watches, and computers


CAP is designed to address child online safety issues whilst ensuring children’s data and privacy are protected.

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